Thunder In Search Of 15th Straight Loss In Boston

Ten more games after tonight in Boston. Does Sam Presti have his mind made up as to who he wants to pick from this draft to build his team around?

Presti being in the ‘top five’ with a combined thirty-four first and second round draft picks plus whatever he gets for Al Horford if he trades him is certainly enough NBA currency for the Thunder to move up in the draft.

With me it’s still Cade because of his adaptability, versatility on both ends of the floor, and his personality in that I think Cade wants to win more than just feed his ego. He wants to win.

Cade isn’t Magic Johnson, he’s not Kevin Durant, he’s not Grant Hill. He’s Cade cunningham with an NBA ready body. I would guess by looking at Cade’s shoulders and arms he bench presses around 250 lbs. on ten rep sets.

Unlike Durant his body and his defense won’t be works in progress.

And like I wrote on here before with the likes of bad run franchises like Minnesota, Detroit, Orlando, and Cleveland in the mix…one would think Sam Presti could outflank these people for the rights to Cade if the Thunder don’t hit the No. 1 pick ball.

NFL draft gets going later this week. Instead of watching the Thunder lose at Boston tonight …I think I’ll do my annual watch of Draft Day with Kevin Costner.

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