Getting Primed For The Stanley Cup Playoffs

It’s Wednesday National Hockey Night and I’m ready for the national mid-week doubleheader given it’s raining again in Deer Creek. Looks like the NHL is allowing some people inside of the arenas and that’s great because hockey inside of empty buildings isn’t right.

Tampa won the Cup last summer over Dallas in Game 6 with no fans in the bubble as the Cup was won by the Lightning in a pretty good Finals.
This Game 7 above on the road in 2019 was actually the last time the Cup was won with fans in the building.

It broke my heart the Bruins lost at home in Game 7, but that’s life. The St. Louis Blues were a glorious story as they turned their season around in January and became champions.

I hope we get at some point to have Washington play Boston in the East because these two teams genuinely hate one another and Tom Wilson better be ready to fight.

I don’t see a clear cut favorite in either the East or the West.

Just off the top of my head I’d go Washington vs. Tampa in the Eastern Conference Finals with Colorado vs. Vegas in the West.

I actually watch twice as many NHL playoff games than NBA playoff games.

It won’t be long now before the best tournament in team sports gets going with at least some fans in the building.

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