Mac Jones Goes To New England As 15th Pick

This will be interesting. Bill Belichick got his quarterback and didn’t have to give up one asset to move up to draft the QB he wanted.

Quite a deal for Mac Jones. He goes from playing for Nick Saban to playing for the guy who drafted Tom Brady in the seventh round back in the day.

How many games did Tom Brady start at Michigan? That would be a great trivia question.

Mac Jones started seventeen games during his career at Alabama and in my view was the best quarterback to draft for a ‘good’ team which just needs to fill the QB slot to be relevant. He processes his first three progressions faster than any other player in this draft class….including Trevor Lawrence. He’s an eyes, brain, and arm QB with enough pocket mobility. He’s no Lamar Jackson or Kyler Murray. But then again…Lamar Jackson is winless as a post season QB so far.

For me as a Green Bay fan–a day of reckoning with Aaron Rodgers perhaps… as I still remember his own coach took the ball out of his hands on the Packers last possesion in the NFC Championship Game. They kicked the field goal, didn’t get a stop against the greatest QB of all-time named Tom Brady, and Aaron never touched the ball again.

This after they traded up to draft Jordan Love without talking about it with the second greatest quarterback in this recent era of pro football.

It looks like maybe a replay of Peyton Manning going to Denver to me.

Do the Broncos have enough ‘liquid’ capital to pull this off for a QB with maybe two to three years left in his career? My son…Chris Jackson who lives in Denver and is ‘almost’ as fanatical about the Broncos as he is about the Sooners thinks so.

John Elway has never successfully drafted a QB as GM in Denver. Elway needs a championship QB to go with the rest of his roster and a healthy Von Miller. In watching the first round…both Denver and Green Bay picked cornerbacks with their first round round picks. I’m sure for starters the Packers would want the cornerback from Alabama the Broncos just drafted.

Denver sports fans are still pissed about the Rockies trading Nolan Arenado to the Cardinals. Bronco fans are weary of lackluster QB play. Drew Luck and Teddy Bridgewater to me at least don’t get you past Patrick Mahomes in the AFC West. Not even close.

So, in thinking this thru–I agree with Chris Jackson. Aaron Rodgers needs to become a Denver Bronco because Von Miller and that defense need a QB before their window closes in Denver. In pro sports it always about the ‘championship window’.

Just ask Sam Presti.

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