NFL Draft Begins

Big day for the quarterback parade in the NFL’s first round. Since we have an NBA team which has had to lose games on purpose this season…the NFL Drfat at least has suspense attached to it.

You would figure Trevor Lawrence to Jacksonville…then who knows.

I hope Sam Presti is watching so he can sharpen his draft day skills for what will be the biggest draft day in Thunder history this July. I still can’t believe we traded two first round oucks to trade up for Kid Poku. Sigh.

It will be interesting to see if Bill Bilichick can land Mac Jones to be his next quarterback.

Good luck to the OU and O State kids anticipated to be drafted in this draft.

Wife is in Mobil trying to get a beach week away from other humans in Florida who watch Tucker Carlson and such. Pauli giving me that look that says, ” Mike…before you leave for work please make sure you have me on the NFL Draft Day coverage.”

This diva lab Pauli was literally a gift from God to me. Funny how things work out like that. God always takes care of you.

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