Thunder Take Josh Giddey & Tre Mann With First Round Picks

Youngest player taken in the draft at eighteen years of age. It looks like the Thunder are going to be very young and very much in rebuild again this season.

Cade went first, then Jalen Green, then Evan Mobley, then Jalen Suggs at four.

Poku last season, now Giddey. I wonder why Shai and his agent see his future being in Oklahoma City at this point.

Then the Thunder took another guard with their pick at 16 by selecting Tre Mann from Florida.

Maybe with Covid heating back up in non vaccinated bumblefuck Oklahoma the Thunder aren’t going to allow fans in the building again this season.

I have no idea what they’re doing.

But the league as a whole will be interesting. I can’t wait to start following Cade in Detroit with Jerami.The Bucks of course will be fun. Russell is going to be a Laker…good for him.

It is what it is in Oklahoma City with the AAA developmental team which Adam Silver along with Sam Presti has put in place in the most culturally regressive city in the thirty team NBA.

This is the model moving forward in Oklahoma. This way these young black players won’t have to stay in Oklahoma for more than three years before being dispersed to other American cities which aren’t still living in the 1950’s.

This won’t effect me though because Joe Castiglione at OU makes sure every sports fan in the area can get value when they buy a ticket to an OU sporting event.

My love affair with Big 12 hoops will be special this year as it will be the last season with OU in the league. So…in a way for me it’s okay the Thunder did what they just did in this NBA draft.

I hope to see Ja Morant, Cade, Jerami, Russell, Giannis, Trey Young and Devin Booker in person. But I can assure you with what the Thunder are doing I won’t be spending anything this season beyond 30-40% of face value for a Thunder home game ticket.

I’ll be interested to observe Thunder Nation’s reaction to what Sam Presti and Adam Silver did in last night’s NBA draft.

Maybe what they’re saying is they think Josh Giddey is the Aussie version of Luka and since he’s not black maybe he would consider staying in Oklahoma beyond three basketball seasons.

I don’t know. Maybe that was the thinking. Could be.

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