Perrion Winfrey’s Three Helmet Sticker Hit of the Month

With premeditated malice to deliever a clean hit…that’s what this hit on Brock Purdy was in yesterday’s 28-21 win in Norman. On the day…I think OU had eight QB sacks, several other TFLs (tackles for losses), and many other hurries or disruptions. This is the passion and violence which had been so acutely missing from OU’s defense since in reality the second half of the Red River Rivalry.

This is football, boys. This is how we play the game. Maybe me playing the Mike Leach video lit a fire under some of you..I don’t know for sure. I’ll be playing the video again Wednesday that’s for damn sure just in case. I worry about Lincoln’s passivity at times. But I know this…Sixty Minutes of Hell for the once turnover prone Spencer Sanders needs to be the mantra this week in practice. That plus, dropping all ball carriers in open space so there’s no AYAC (additional yardage after contact).

If you read my blog, you’ll learn the anacronyms used by coaches—that will be for certain. If you want to read some sissy boy fanboy piece of trash….then click onto the Daily Thunder piece of junk.

As you can tell it’s only Sunday evening and I’m pretty well already stoked for Bedlam which in essence is an elimination game for the Sooners.

I can’t imagine anyone involved with the Sooners should be feeling any tinges of anything remotely resembling passivity at this point.

Simply win the line of scrimmage for sixty minutes and be the smarter football team. That’s it, boys.

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