Sam Presti Needs Another Player

A great week-end for the OKC Thunder, but the truth of the matter is after spending nearly $300 million dollars this team is probably around a four or five seed in the West. If you’re going to spend that kind of money you better be prepared for LeBron and Kawhi in LA and the Warriors never standing pat.

It makes no sense to put that money in the pot and not even be the favorite to win the Northwest Division. We know where the Lakers are going. We know the Warriors just added DeMarcus Cousins. But on a positive note the Rockets lost Trevor Ariza.

Here’s the simple truth, Sam Presti needs another really good player and I don’t mean Nerlen Noels. A difference maker. Preferably.. a hybrid guard who’ll be the Sixth Man.

Eric Gordon would be good. Marcus Smart could possibly help this team or so could several other Boston players.

I’m assuming Sam Presti has another move coming.

Nerlen Noels University of Kentucky 6th player taken in 2013 draft

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