Saturday Smerconish Poll Question

Kind of a dark dank Saturday afternoon in Deer Creek. Even more depressing listening to the O State vs. Texas Tech game on my headphones as I continue to burn the never ending piles of limbs from the epic icestorm of a month ago.

I couldn’t play for Gundy. I feel for the O State kids. Spencer Sanders meet Bobby Reid. This shouldn’t have happened to you, buddy. Dude…you should have gone to TCU or Texas Tech.

I’ve made significant progress on the limbs, but so much bulk came down and still remains to be cut up and burned. I trudge ahead undaunted. I may start a minor little fire on my neighnor’s property line just to shake him a bit. He’s a big Trump supporter….I may put the 2020 PUTIN-trump yardsign out by the fire. It would break an HOA covenant…but we’re both OU fans. He wouldn’t hold a grudge.

Today’s Smerconish Question was…Should churches be allowed to remain open under the guise of being an essential service?

Very good question and I was mildly surprised with almost 30,000 voters casting votes they voted to keep the churches closed. It was by a significant margin of votes as well.

In Oklahoma…I not only would keep the white churches closed…I’d strip the white evangelical churches of their tax exempt status and make these white Trump ‘Christians’ attend black, Hispanic, Muslim, Jewish, and gay places of worhip at the minimum for a probationary period of twelve months.

Perhaps, this would allow the Trump Christians to reaccquaint themselves with the New Testament, the Golden Rule, the parable of the Good Samaritan…and in the process cleanse themselves from the doctrines they have adopted from the most ammoral grifter POTUS to ever be urninated on in a Moscow hotel room by mutiple Russian prostitutes pretending to be Michelle Obama.

Good question, but I wish Michael would allow me to go air with him so as to lend a little more divirsity to the show.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Smerconish Poll Question”

  1. I think icovid is created by Christian zionists.
    Christian zioniztz believe the bible is a guide on how to bring the 2nd comming of christ along. so first a big jewish state must be created, then Jews must be made believers in christ. then the temple must bne rebuilded, then a fals profete must come, then they have to create all kind of desasters and spread pandemies and illnesses, wars etc. then the world must be destroyed in an nucleairt catostrophy, thwen jezus 2nd comming will take place. so most cotostrophy’s are created by christian zionistst

  2. I guess it is obvious that I do not think churches should be allowed to be an essential service with our government. I’m very concerned about the latest ruling of the Supreme Court allowing the Catholic church to forbid LBGTQ people from adopting children. We’re going down the slippery slope of allowing a church to discriminate, while our government forbids discriminating against these people.

  3. I am too late to be included in the vote, but I have something to write about vaccinations.
    I am 88 and have taken advantage of all the vaccinations available to me all my life, including the Covid-19 Moderna vaccination. I can still drive, walk without aids, continue to monitor my health, buy and sell investments and take care of all my own financial affairs. I live independently.

    These vaccinations and medical care, I believe, offered me a life my grandmother could only have dreamed of when she died at age 57.

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