Derek Chauvin…Guilty On All Counts

An interesting day of American history. Our judicial system stood tall with the world watching.

Fortunately…one of Donald Trump’s puppet Banana Republic Attorney Generals are not in office currently.

Our legal sysytem held down the fort much as they did during the interim following the election and leading up to the Trump Insurrection of Stupidity circa January 6th, 2021.

And btw..that was whites killing whites and in search of killing white Mike Pence and white Nancy Pelosi.

We can bitch and moan about partisan politics all we must, but today was a Shining Moment for the American legal system.

Minnesota finally got it right. There should have been no legal questions on the outcome of this trial. A virtual slam dunk of evidence and witnesses for the skilled prosecutorial team to present to a diverse jury which was selected in voir dire in a diverse jurisdiction.

Now…would there be a jury pool in either Oklahoma, Alabama or from any state in the George Wallace-Donald Trump SEC Solid South who would convict Chauvin….I would be hesitant on laying down that bet.

I can still hear Professor Jackson’s voice booming in my ears…’Jurisdiction and voir dire are everything. That’s when you win or lose a criminal case. There are no Perry Mason moments unless its you finding out your client has lied to you from the beginning.’

I’m relieved for the family of George Floyd. There can never be closure for how his life was terminated, but perhaps for the rest of us in this country this can be turning point on how we begin to treat one another.

Not all white people are racist. Not even close… despite what we just witnessed in the previous four years. Somewhere between 20-25 million American whites marched in Black Lives Matter protests following the murder of George Floyd.

What I hope happens is that today was an inflection of sorts in that all 330 Americans begin to realize All Lives Matter…not just those who are white and in the top five per cent bracket.

Poor white lives matter, black lives matter, Hispanic lives matter, Asian lives matter, Muslim lives matter, Jewish lives matter, Indian lives matter….HUMAN LIFE MATTERS.

America is an amalgam of diversity. This is what made us great.

It’s very sad and ironic for me to have to write this to the forty million or so humans who would still vote for the pathetic grifter Donald Trump if an election were held today.

How is it that you forty million or so are so fervently pro-life for life in the womb, but not for the life of living breathing humans of color on the streets of America?


The answer is…you can’t.

But enough of that. Today was a good day. An inflection point, perhaps.

Maybe even a new beginning reminding all of us on what it means to be an American.

One thought on “Derek Chauvin…Guilty On All Counts”

  1. Well said. I cried when the verdict came in, a small modicum of justice for the all of the black men murdered by police for now reason at all.


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