Atlanta Hawks Handle Milwaukee Wire To Wire in Game 4, 110-88

The Atlanta Hawks just refuse to go away even with star point guard Trae Young sitting this game out due to a bone bruise to his ankle after stepping on that official in Game 3.

The fact of the matter is if anything the Hawks played better as a team without their best player.

Lou Williams got his first ever playoff starting assignment and filled the void. Head coach Nate McMillan scratched Solomon Hill and instead gave more minutes to youngsters Cam Reddish and Onyeka Okongwu and they responded with solid play in a clutch situation.

Bogan Bogdonovic got his shot going and was much bettter than he was in his dismal Game 3 performance.

Next guy up. Link on a chain. Cliches…yeah, but these young guys play hard for their coach. Just like the LA Clippers refuse to give up on their season with head coach Tyronn Lue.

I may well have spoke too soon in assuming the Bucks and Suns were ready to advance to the NBA Finals especially if the left knee of Giannis causes him to sit out Game 5 in Milwaukee.

Atlanta has been excellent on the road in this run of theirs already winning once in Milwaukee and winning three road games against Philly in Round 2.

You just have to love their youthful resolve. It’s fun to watch.

Winning is fun. It’s contagious. It permeates a locker room even locker rooms full of millionaires.

With the LA Clippers its a bit different as both former Thunder players Reggie Jackson and Paul George appear to love playing post season ball for head coach Tyronn Lue.

And like the Atlanta Hawks… these Clippers even without their best player Kawhi Leonard seem to feel very much at home on the road in big game settings.

Reggie Jackson is an unrestricted free agent and he’s playing the best basketball of his life right now. You have to smile at the kid and admire his moxie. Durant, Harden, and Westbrook are all sitting with their seasons done while Reggie is two wins away from being in the NBA Finals as LA’s starting point guard.

Reggie wrote it on his shoes back with the Thunder…Starting Point Guard—and he backed up his talk. How can you not love that? He walked the walk.

These NBA Playoffs have just been great stuff and the television ratings reflect it.

Clippers host the Phoenix Suns tonight in a Game 6 elimination game for LA. Marcus Morris finally got it going some in Game 5 for the Clips—it ‘ll be interesting to see if he has an imprint on this game tonight. I have that circled on my pregame notes.

Living the good life and loving these NBA Playoffs.

Life is good.

Atlanta Hawks…it’s your song tonight on After Dark.

Winning is fun. I actually sang this song at my son’s after wedding party in Florida with this great band from Atlanta. From the side of the stage mind you, but still. Small world.

One thought on “Atlanta Hawks Handle Milwaukee Wire To Wire in Game 4, 110-88”

  1. I know you will be writing about the Suns’ win, however I just want to say how happy I am for CP3 and Monty Williams and the whole team. An amazing game tonight.
    I am going to Mexico for spa week on Friday so will miss a number of games – no TV during spa week :(.
    Have fun w the family on the 4th.
    Love you. Jan

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