Game 6: Elimination Tuesday in Milwaukee

So here we are tomorrow evening in Milwaukee with the Bucks on the cusp of claiming the Larry O’Brien Trophy in recognition of world basketball superiority.

Vegas has Milwaukee at home as a five point favorite. That’s exactly where I would have it. If Giannis was a dependable free throw shooter I’d probably have the Bucks at -6.5 or -7… but he’s not reliable from the charity line.

That’s a wild card which hasn’t come into play yet in these Finals, but it lurks right beneath the surface of basketball reality.

Otherwise…Giannis has shown the world he is ready to assume the mantle as the Chosen One to supplant LeBron. His defense, rebounding, passing, and offensive instincts have all come into place.

No one can guard him…he’s the Greek Freak. Imagine if he could just saunter up to the free throwline and hit 10 of 12 every game like the wispy cupcake Kevin Durant.

But Giannis didn’t leave his team to go play with Steph and Klay to win two token rings…so this blogger admires his determination to bring the city of Milwaukee a championship just before Aaron Rodgers leaves town to play for a coach who believes in him.

The Buck star trifecta of Giannis, Jrue, and Khris were sublime in Game 5 on the road in what was a quasi elimination game for the Bucks the other way. The three stars responded with a combined 88 points and Jrue Holiday either by scoring or assisting accouted for 58 points.

Plus, Connaughton, Bobby Portis, and PJ Tucker ON THE ROAD gave Coach B more than he probably was counting on from his bench playing inside of Walkingstick Arena. His team clicked on every clylinder except for Giannis shooting free throws.

Chris Paul, bless his heart, said it best to Rachael Nichols after Game 4 when he said, “All these feel good storylines won’t ever be remembered if we don’t win the series.”

Good for CP3 for being so forthright. He’s exactly right. This is about winning and making winning plays on the biggest stage under the brightest lights.

I’ve been so reliably prescient lately I have to pinch myself to not be overconfident. But I like the Bucks and I like them to win by five on a push.

Play this again for your team in the locker room Coach B. It fits them. You have a group of really good guys who deserve this moment.

I think I’ll play my favorite Cranberries song/video and fall asleep. It’s a shame they didn’t have this song in Four Weddings and A Funeral.

And this is for Chris Paul who is really a nice guy. His brother almost leased the house across the street from us back in the Katrina days. Chris—just to prove you don’t have to win the game to experience a happy ending. Good luck, buddy.

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