Officially Adopting The World Champion Milwaukee Bucks

Since the Thunder might actually be tanking again this season…I’m making it official … I’m adopting the Milwaukee Bucks and giving them a song at the same time.

Kind of like someone in St. Louis did with the song Gloria the year the Blues won the Cup.

I reality when I gave the Bucks Livin’ On A Prayer before Game 4 it to me changed the entire flow of the NBA Finals.

So Sam Presti…tank away, bruh. Mikey Jackson isn’t screwing around with you this coming season waiting till late December to figure out WTF you’re doing with the once proud Thunder basketball program.

Even at this point if you acquire Tyler Herro…I can’t take you seriously any longer.

Let’s repeat like the ’94-’95 Houston Rockets since that’s who these Bucks with Greek Freak somewhat remind me of after last night.


Of course…maybe if I were given some direct responsibilty in the personnel decisions heading into the NBA Draft on July 29th I could possibly soften my position. Mr. Presti… Call me if you want to become relevant again the Northwest Divsion. I don’t do the on my knees thing like Little Nick Gallo and Royce Young.

What have you got to lose?

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