Sooners Win Red River Shootout 55-48…. Cover Spread On Kennedy Brooks Late TD

I’m just glad Kennedy Brooks scored that touchdown to cover. When you can run the football…you’re never out of a game. I was still okay at halftime down 38-20 even after the disastrous start for ONE REASON…because our O line was starting to control the line of scrimmge late in the second period.

Chris Jackson wasn’t as calm. He was crying in uncontrollable joyous bliss when I last talked to him after the game. He was crying for God’s sake.

I think we have a new starting QB in Norman.

I’ll recap this after all of this has sunken into my brain.

I feel for Spencer Rattler. This was a tough day for the kid.

I had OU… they covered. Chris had Arkansas +6 so he covered. I feel like I might catch him after Alabama surely destroys the Aggies tonight. I know Saban…he wants to destroy Jimbo’s arrogance. Don’t let me down, Nick Saban. Tear his throat out and give them a beatdown for me.

They maybe beat OU one time with Johnny Football and you would have thought they had actually done something.

Roll… Tide.

I need a victory song. This seems about right. texas will drop to No. 25 and OU will move up from No. 6 to No. 4 on my next Top 12 poll.

I wonder how many sets were turned on to Baylor vs.West Virginia?


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