Game Day #6

The five games I have circled today all involve SEC teams other than the outlier game of Penn State vs. Iowa. If I had to pick a sixth game it would be the Nebraska vs. Michigan game.

This is why OU and Texas are leaving the SEC beyond just the money…it’s the relevancy, the exposure, the better television time slots, the ability to recruit both sides of the football, etc. The ability to move into the future landscape of college football and be relevant.

If you count unbeaten Kentucky versus LSU today there’s five SEC games I’d like to watch today.

1 OU-Texas, 2 Arkansas-Ole Miss, 3 Texas A&M-Alabama, and 4 Georgia-Auburn. Three of these games are rivalry games with the exception of the Alabama-A&M game.

Jimbo Fisher ran his mouth this summer about his team beating Alabama. This would be the time, Jimbo. Good luck, buddy.

If you look at the Big 12 moving forward they will be a league minus any real rivalry game in football with any national appeal. The Red River Rivalry and Bedlam are/were clearly the league’s best national exposure games.

If I were O State prez Kasie Shrum I would strongly reconsider continuing Bedlam even if it’s only once every three years or so. Just suck up your pride and play the game for exposure and branding if for no other reason. Show recruits you’re not afraid to play a nationally ranked team in a non-conference game. Maybe do this with Texas every five years.

OU-Arkansas and OU-Missouri will be the rivalries for OU fans which quickly replace Bedlam as far as the second most anticipated rivalry game. Most real OU fans still remember the Joe Washington iconic run versus Missouri and the iconic beatdown absorbed from Lou Holtz’s Arkansas team in the Orange Bowl.

But for today OU and Texas are still in the Big 12. Sure…there’s some ‘possible’ national implications for the playoff. But this is a game which should set the tone for the race for the Big 12 Championship Game at Jerry’s World in December.

O State is off today and they go to Texas next Saturday which will be my Big 12 Game of the Week.

I would think Mike Gundy and staff like the fact they’re getting Texas after today’s game in Dallas.

I’m going OU 38 – Texas 34 for one primary reason…Spencer Rattler. I think Lincoln gets him outside the pocket and allows him to use his legs more in this game and put more pressure on the suspect Texas defense. Spencer actually ran for 51 yards and a TD last year in this game.

When Spencer gets moving and outside the pocket he creates space and lanes for the other OU playmakers. And at the end of the day that’s what will decide this game if OU can ‘somewhat’ contain Bijan Robinson.

Kirk… you and Chris Fowler can take it from here.


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