Spencer Rattler Should Follow the Jalen Hurts Path

I listened to some various comments today on the Sports Animal in relation to what should happen with the OU quarterback job.

If I were Lincoln Riley I’d make Caleb Williams my starter this week versus TCU at home. But I’d make it clear at this point this is going to be a performance thing. You don’t perform at an acceptable level then I’d give Spencer another look in relation to the score, time, matchup etc.

In anotherwords, as a team we are in this together to be the best team we can be. Period.

Obviously we live in a different college world with the transfer portal, but ultimately as a coach you have to give your football team the best chance to win while at the same time being fair.

If Spencer and his father can’t live with this…then they should leave and go get ready for the NFL combine or start exploring the transfer portal for next season.

I hope for Spencer Rattler’s sake he considers how Jalen Hurts handled himself when he was faced with the same situation several years ago.

Most writers around the Alabama program to this day say Jalen Hurts is much more popular with the Bama fan base than Tua.

It’s called respect.

The fact Lincoln Riley inserted Spencer Rattler for that critical two point conversion would indicate to me he hasn’t given up on Spencer Rattler to the extent the OU fan base has already.

Again..like I wrote a month ago…Chris Leak and Tim Tebow won a national championship picking each other up at Florida back when Urban Meyer wasn’t a sad joke.

Lincoln Riley is a smart dude. We’ll see how this goes at the presser. His parents didn’t raise a dumbass. Just saying.

If you call yourself a real college football fan, this Chris Leak video might be an interesting watch considering what happened in Dallas this past week-end.

I read various comments just last week from Joe C in relation as to how impressed he is with Lincoln Riley’s human relations skill set. I agree with Joe C. Lincoln sees the big picture and I hope he can reach out to Spencer Rattler and if nothing else make a human connection this week which goes beyond football.

Lincoln and Spencer should have something in common…that being, an understanding of how tough it is being the face of the OU football program.

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