My Top 12 — Week 7

And of course there was Troy Aikman in 1985 on the cusp of morphing the OU wishbone then breaking a leg while Jamelle Holieway led the Sooners to the national championship over Penn State in the Orange Bowl.

What defense that team had. Probably in my view the best set of linebackers on one team in OU history.

Switzer helped Troy Aikman transfer to UCLA the next season and it worked for all parties. What I’m saying is…a little humility and some adversity for Spencer Rattler could be a journey of life silver lining in disguise.

Enough of that. I’m still jacked from handing out seven helmet stickers last Saturday.

Kirk does six…I do twelve. So I want all you O State fans to observe you’d be making my field as of Week 7 pre-Texas.

Even though Kayse Schrum genuinely annnoyed me with her Pollyanna comments about OU heading off to the SEC….I won’t hold that against Gundy’s team on my poll. Maybe she’d like to help with my poll just to make sure it’s fair to O State. I have connections at O State…maybe I should ask her if she’d like to share a poll date with me. Completely platonic, of course. Maybe that way there would be no questions of appropriate transparency and why teams are ranked where they are. Hopefully…Doug Gottlieb would approve as well.

My Top 12 — Week 7

1 Georgia

2 Oklahoma

3 Iowa

4 Cincy

5 Kentucky

6 Alabama

7 Ohio State

8 Penn State

9 Oregon

10 Michigan State

11 Oklahoma State

12 Notre Dame

———– On my bubble—–

13 Ole Miss

14 Wake Forest

15 Arizona State

Damn…I love this scene.

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