After Dark Tied To 1st Thunder Journal Entry

Last preseason game for the Thunder on Wednesday night versus the Denver Nuggets. The feeble Thunder were worse than abysmal in their last performance against the defending world champion Milwaukee Bucks.

Again..Giannis 15th pick in his draft, Jrue 17th pick in his draft, Khris Middleton a second round pick.

My serious suggestion to Sam Presti is to start putting serious basketball people around you who can evalute talent beyond Portland taking Greg Oden with the pick in front of the Thunder.

Cole Aldrich, Mitch McGary, Jeremy Lamb (Harden trade), Josh Huestis, Terrance Ferguson, Darius Bazely, possibly the Serb, this last draft class minus possibly Josh Giddy.

Thank goodness Cam Payne and Abdel Nader ended up in Phoenix with Chris Paul along with Monty Williams and Mark Bryant. They escaped Oklahoma City before the death march commenced.

I mean at some point a slew of draft picks mean nothing if you don’t have capable people around you who can monetize those picks into a legitimate NBA team.

The only four players on this current Thunder roster who I can even watch right now were not drafted by the Thunder organization. Those being Shai, Lu Dort, Mike Muscala, Kenrich Williams and maybe Derrick Favors if he’s healthy enough to play.

So what I’m going to do with the Thunder on my blog this season is to attach my Thunder Journal entries to a song I really like so as I’ll have some motivation to write ‘something’ about the circa 2021-22 Oklahoma City Thunder basketball team.

My son is an MBA from OU just like Sam Hinkie from Claremore, Oklahoma. Chris sat with Sam Hinkie at some luncheon or something at the Mike Price College of Business at an MBA function of some sort a couple of years ago.

They talked a little shop on ‘The Process’ in Philadelphia as it was taking place.

So Sam Presti…here’s the thing, buddy—you may be conning the uber passive Oklahoma City media and the zombies at the Daily Thunder who you now have on payroll, but that won’t be happening on my blog.

Some basketball players to go along with the five guys I mentioned above would be a nice start.


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