Alex Grinch…It’s Time For Your Defense To Step Up

There’s way too much analyzing going on in Oklahoma right now in relation to the Sooners’ defense. Let’s cut to the chase…since the opening game versus the Tulane Green Wave the unit has been soft, pedestrian, and a massive underacheiver. Without Ronnie Perkins around to be the energy Alex Grinch’s unit looks lost at times.

OU’s defense has made every QB they’ve played against look like an All-American so far this season.

We’re now approaching the goal achieving portion of the schedule. Either shut up or put up. You’re getting ready to move into a Big Boy league and you’re getting pushed all over the field by Big 12 teams with average at best quarterbacks spread throughout the league.

It’s nauseating.

Start tackling, start hitting, and start putting the other quarterback on the ground and quit relying on Caleb Williams and Kennedy Brooks to bail you out every week.


Nik Bonitto, Isaiah Thomas, Perrion Winfrey, et al this is what a football player who can tackle in space looks like.

This is Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year so far… Malcom Rodgriguez from Oklahoma State.

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