Lincoln Riley Iowa State Postgame Presser Prologue

OU hung on to beat Iowa State 28-21 in Norman on Saturday. Meanwhile in Lubbock… O State’s trending defense shutdown Texas Tech by a 23-0 count to setup a potential Bedlam for the ages next Saturday in Stillwater.

This should be great stuff. Put aside OU leaving for the SEC side story, this matchup with O State’s elite defense coupled with OU freshman QB Caleb Williams trying to calibrate his decision making in the pocket will make for an intriguing must see college football game.

Heck, if OU can win Bedlam I, we’ll get to see Bedlam II the following Saturday in Arlington.

The postgame presser with Lincoln after the Iowa State game was excellent. All the better sports writers in this market who don’t waste their time covering the Thunder currently were there. All questions asked were what I would describe as relevant questions asked in a thoughtful professional manner.

OU’s defense for the ‘most part’ played great with some real physicality and ‘get after it’ on Saturday. The fake punt which lead to the second touchdown wasn’t their fault. That’s totally on the coaches for having their heads up their asses considering time, score, and where the ball was when it was snapped.

The OU defense was in Brock Purdy’s face most of the day. Perrion Winfrey’s collision with Purdy will be iconic in Sooner lore. That my friends, was what Vince Lombardi was talking about as in football being a collision activity. Two helmet stickers alone just for that hit.

But most of the questions dealt with QB Caleb Williams’ reluctance to run the ball even after his 74 yard touchdown run in the first half.

Why was Caleb holding onto to the ball so long and not hitting his passes on time or simply not flushing the pocket and running?

It was a very interesting press conference from Lincoln in relation to when he wants Caleb to hang on to the ball through his progressions versus when he wants him to flush the pocket like Kyler Murray.

So that’s why I have the Secretariat video above with the greatest finisher of all-time finally turning it loose at the Belmont Stakes in the movie without the overthink and just running.

Lincoln…turn him loose for God’s sake.

I’ll play the Lincoln presser in the morning. It was excellent.

Then I’m pretty much going to get my early chores done and settle in on the Sooners’ championship game at the Myrtle Beach Invitational at 2:00pm in South Carolina.

Have a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving Sunday.


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