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Tyler is on fire and I’m proud of him. He grew up this off season and came to terms as to what it takes to become an NBA All-Star caliber player.

He worked on his body this summer. Took some much needed advice from Jimmy Butler… and GREW UP.

I’m sixty-four so you prolly won’t see me wearing my Tyler Herro jersey in public like the kid in Deer Creek, but Tyler Herro has two huge fans in Deer Creek, Oklahoma of all places.

To Sam Hinkie-Presti’s somewhat credit…he did try and pry Tyler away from the Heat with the inducement of Chris Paul, but Pat Riley and Eric Spoelstra aren’t clueless. Quite the contrary, probably the best GM/head coach combination in the NBA currently.

Jimmy Butler needs this Tyler Herro and that was what was missing from the Heat last season when they were swept in four games by the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round.

Eric Spoelstra has a very unique scoring combo in Tyler and Duncan Robinson.

So here we are again with me pointing out to Sam Hinkie-Presti you don’t have to have top six picks to be at the top of the NBA. You merely have to have some basketball smarts in the room who can come to terms with the fact SHOOTING THE BASKETBALL is a nice skill to have in some of your basketball players.

Don’t become complacent, Tyler. Jimmy Butler and Kyle Lowery need you.

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