Why Would Kliff Kingsbury Leave the Cardinals to Coach OU?

The answer to my question is that I don’t think he would leave Arizona. He would be stupid at this point to leave his NFL job. His team is 9-2 and he’s probably headed for NFL Coach of the Year. He has a young quarterback in Kyler Murray who believes in him as a coach. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The Cardinal roster is loaded, but most of all Arizona doesn’t play in the SEC West. Plus, he can redo his contract and leverage OU’s interest in him to get more money from the Cardinals. Pretty much what Lincoln Riley just did with LSU to get his deal with USC.

In Kliff Kingsbury’s six years as the head coach at Texas Tech he wasn’t very successful coaching in the Big 12. What would make anyone think Kliff Kingsbury woud be the guy to lead the Sooners charge in the SEC?

It makes no sense to me from the perspective of either party.

Joe Brady makes more sense to me. Is it risky? Well, yeah I guess. He’s never been a head coach. But Switzer was never a head coach previous to OU. Bob Stoops was never a head coach previous to OU. Nor was the East Carolina miracle Lincoln Riley a head coach previous to OU. Nor was Mike Gundy a head coach previous to Oklahoma State.

You turn Joe Brady loose at a presser with a highlight screen of Joe Burrow’s 2019 highlights playing in the background and what you’ll have is called ‘Winning a Press Conference.”

Cut a deal to keep Bob around the first two years as the associate head coach and give it a roll.

Kliff Kingsbury….no. Joe Brady… possibly.

Here’s Joe Brady again before the 2019 season at LSU. Joe Brady is from the Sean Payton tree with the Saints, ran perhaps the most prolific offense in college football history, and now finds himself going nowhere with the NFL Panthers with an aging Cam Newton as his quarterback. Tell me these stars don’t align in harmony.

Tell me Caleb Williams, his father, and Joe Brady weren’t made for one another. Tell me that and I’ll stop this, Joe C.

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