My Championship Saturday Picks

I’m going to do this on Thursday because I plan on being at an O State-Baylor watch party by 10:30 am. So I want to get this done right now and not rush thru my picks.

I’m 16-17 versus the spread so far this season thanks to hitting a couple of double value bonus games. That’s not terrible….it would usually beat Scott van Pelt and his picker. But I’m a little disappointed in my performance this season. Chris J is 20-13, which is excellent versus the spread and I’m just hoping to have a big Championship Saturday so that I’m not eliminated by the time we hit the College Football Playoff.

Before I get started…I noticed this morning two different sports writers for the Tulsa World went with the story related to the Roy Manning double agent incident pertaining to the OU commit Robert Spears-Jennings.. So—it appears there is legitimacy to the story.

I’m glad Jim Traber went with this on the air because quite frankly Berry Tramel at times seems more concerned with protecting his off the record relationships than actually writing a painfully tough piece on Lincoln Riley’s departure which might not make everyone at OU happy. I think he’s an excellent columnist, but you can’t have some other party dangling you through an off the record quid pro quo. Just my take.

My Championship Saturday Picks:

Big 12… Oklahoma State 24 – Baylor 16

Big 10… Michigan 27 – Iowa 17

SEC… Georgia 28 – Alabama 24

AAC… Cincy 27 – Houston 24

ACC… Pitt 34 – Wake Forest 28

I wonder in the Committee’s eyes how much Alabama has to be beaten by to not make the field as a two loss team. To me…I have that line at four points. I in no way would advance Alabama if the game doesn’t come down to the very end with the game on the line.

This should be a fascinating week-end of college football.

Good luck to Oklahoma State and congrats on an outstanding season to date.

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