Thunder Sink Below Rock Bottom in Memphis, 152-79


Sam Hinkie-Presti and Lincoln Riley in the same week…what a privilege as a human to observe both of these pieces of human shit in the same week.

I mean seriously …wow.

Seattle….would you like your purported NBA basketball team back? And in that agreement would you agree taking Sam Hinkie-Presti, that pathetic little puppet G League coach he has in place, and every singular member of the laughable Bally Sports Network crew which claims to be broadcasting NBA games on their network.

If you’ll agree to take this assemblage of human debris back to Seattle…I’m sure you can have the team for less than the most recent Forbes valuation of this smoldering piece of crap which has the audacity to tell its fans in Oklahoma City they have an NBA team.

Here’s the truth…I’m watching more NBA basketball than ever before in my life. I love the TNT Tuesday Showcase and tomorrow night I’ll be glued to the screen watching Phoenix vs. Golden State with Klay Thompson making his return.

Adam Silver’s league for me has never been more interesting and compelling to watch. I’m in love with the NBA like never before, but at the same time praying Adam Silver and the NBA Board of Governors will step in and take some form of league ownership of the team which calls itself the Oklahoma City Thunder.

What Oklahoma City has in place NBA-wise currently ranks somewhere between human trafficking and domestic terrorism.

It’s beyond sad to witness for the young men on this roster who’ve spent their dreams making the NBA, but only to find they have to play in Oklahoma City for a group who basically don’t have any problem demeaning their hard work and dreams of playing for a real NBA team.

I actually was going to watch this game from wire to wire tonight but almost puked just getting to halftime. I have no idea whatsoever why people like Nancy Lieberman, John Radigan, Michael Cage, Chris Fisher, Matt Pinto, Little Nick Gallo, and Low Energy Royce Young ever went to journalism or broadcasting school. Let me share a thought with you seven pathetic humans…. you are an embarrassment to your professions.

And to the piece of dogshit which calls itself the Daily Thunder which was whored to be monetized by a collective group of dimwits….fuck you, too.


You people deserve one another in some form of a garbage abyss of nothingness which karmawise at some point includes Lincoln Riley in your midst.

Are you kidding me?

As Mike Gundy famously said in his iconic rant….”Who are the adults here? Is this what we’ve sunk to in society? You people make me want to puke.”

A new low in Oklahoma City Thunder basketball.

Memphis 152 – Oklahoma City 79….. and it wasn’t really that close.

One thought on “Thunder Sink Below Rock Bottom in Memphis, 152-79”

  1. Sorry, Prez . . . I don’t think you get to chastise people for not being adults when you’re in the throes of a temper tantrum. This was one godawful game, but mostly shocking because it’s so out of character in contrast to some rather entertaining basketball this season. This young, rebuilding team had two lionhearted wins against the Lakers and have held their own against the likes of the Jazz, Warriors, Celtics, Bucks, and Wizards.

    This entry is a new low. Might be time to let go of your nastiness toward DT. That’s my basketball family.

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