Paolo Banchero Prep Highlight Mix

This is the guy…Sam Hinkie-Presti. You screwed around and lost those two late season games last season to Boston and the LA Clips and in essence took yourself out of play for both Cade Cunningham and Evan Mobley. What clueless dumbass in your Thunder inner circle suggested winning those two games I ask aloud on my award winning underground blog?

If the Thunder are really serious about this ‘Sustainability Bullshit Doctrine’ they’re doling out to their Triple AAA level fan base this is the time when you go big or go to Las Vegas in my view.

Here’s the question I ask myself…if on Draft Night like Kevin Costner in Draft Day…would I give up Shai if that’s what I had to do to have the pick to select Banchero?

Or maybe you could package Giddy and some other assets and possibly pair Shai and Banchero together. Things to sort out since Thunder Nation still has fifty regular season games left to suffer through this season.

Do you really need Giddy if you have both Shai and Banchero keeping ball usage in mind?

I’m thinking about it, but of course Clay Bennett has given this responsibility to Sam Hinkie-Presti.

What if I was able to dangle Little Nick Gallo to the team I was trading with in this deal as well?

That plus acquiring Banchero would give the Thunder instant credibility.

There’s a multitude of ways for the Thunder to use their first round pick plus some other assets to possibly get to the No. 1 spot in this draft.

Sam Hinkie-Presti needs to either play his chips on this draft or move the team to Las Vegas where a team could actually sign a free agent now and again.

The Thunder at Sacramento tonight…pfffft. Does anyone really beyond Little Nick Gallo and those lost souls at Pay.Com who are still cheering for the team to win at this point really care?

I don’t think so.

Hopefully…we have some real teams playing tonight in the TNT Showcase.

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