Celtics Beat Nets at the Buzzer 115-114

I thought this week-end was a fantastic beginning to the road to the NBA Finals.

Nothing really surprised me other than the fact the margin in which Minnesota beat Memphis on the road in Game 1. Then maybe next was Atlanta being completely horrible without Clint Capela and Trae Young having his worst game of the season.

Memphis is going to have to adjust in Game 2 with how they allocate the minutes of Steven Adams against Karl Anthony-Townes.

The Maxey kid for Philly turned in a stunning performance which must be mentioned as we observe the Sixers moving forward.

And then Jordan Poole with the Warriors has to be mentioned as well. If Steve Kerr can figure out how to play Steph, Klay, and Jordan Poole together in a small ball lineup with Draymond as the big then to me that makes the Phoenix vs. Golden State potential matchup in the Western Conference Finals something all of us as passionate NBA fans should be salivating over as we pare down the field.

Chris Paul is Chris Paul…so I didn’t find his 4th period all that shocking. That’s who Chris Paul is…it’s what he does.

I see possibly seven teams at this point who could make it to the NBA Finals depending on how Memphis adjusts its big man minutes in Game 2.

I haven’t looked at how Vegas has it after this week-end, but I’d go in this order after Easter Sunday:

1 Milwaukee

2 Phoenix

3 Golden State

4 Miami

5 Boston

6 Philly

7 Brooklyn

Bubble gap

8 Memphis

But with Memphis I’ll write this…they need not only adjust, but Ja Morant has to step up his game in a big way if they want to be taken seriously as a legit contender. Atlanta better get Clint Capela back if they hope to be competitive.

As far as Kyrie flipping off the Boston fans. No big deal. If you grew up going to John Marshall playing other inner-city teams, it’s no big deal. Just make sure you win the damn game if you’re flipping people off.

I just love this time of the year.

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  1. I’ll always be a Celtics fan- they were my first BB team just like the Red Sox were my first Baseball team as I came of big sports age in Boston in the 70’s.

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