Golden State Edges Memphis in Game 1, 117-116

This was a great basketball game to begin the Western Conference semi-finals. Everyone is talking about the Draymond ejection, but I thought the Warriors played much better without Draymond after he got tossed.

Whether he deserved an ejection or not, he can’t keep hurting his team with these childish displays of emotion.. This won’t wash if the Warriors reach the Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks, or for that matter versus the Suns in the next round.

But give Kevon Looney, Otto Porter, and Gary Payton credit…they filled in admirably for Draymond as the Warriors hung on at the end with Ja Morant not touching the rim on a rushed layup attempt at the buzzer.

Klay Thompson had the game winner with around 14 seconds left with a picture perfect three.

Klay then missed a couple of free throws on the next possession and Golden State had to endure the last attempt from Morant with the Grizz inbounding a mid-court entry pass from mid-court with 3.5 seconds left in the game.

Jordan Poole was excellent and showed again why he was the Most Improved Player in the NBA this season. That is the difference with this Warrior team. Either Steph or Klay can have an off night and Jordan Poole will be there to pick them up production wise.

In the other game …one word. Giannis. The Celtics just a series against a Brooklyn team which played no defense and was just a notch below the Lakers as the most dysfunctional Super Team in the league this season.

The Boston Celtics better realize in a hurry beating the Nets didn’t mean all that much and become much more physical in this series. Plus, Jaylen and Tatum need make their shots.

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