Washington Caps Stun Florida Panthers in Game 1, 4-2 EN

A much better night of hockey on ESPN after last night’s array of bad games minus the LA Kings 4-3 win over Edmonton.

Scratch me covering the Avalanche-Nashville series. That was brutal and right there as unwatchable, awful hockey as the Avs rolled at home 7-2.

The triple overtime win by the Pittsburgh Pens over the NY Randers was pretty awesome considering the waved off Ranger goal for basically running the goalie with three minutes left in regulation. I thought it was the right call. That was me at my best in the mens’ B league on that play. When in doubt… run the goalie and see if the zebra makes the call.

But the game I enjoyed most was the Washington Caps comeback 4-2 win on the road versus the highly regarded Florida Panthers.

I think this will be the series I follow along with the Toronto-Tampa series in the first round.

I was happy for Alex Ovechkin. He’s one of my favorites. These past two months have surely been difficult for him. I thought the turnover he created at mid-ice was the most influential play of the first two nights of the tournament.

All the sudden we can’t forget the Washington Caps are still around and breathing as a team which won the Cup in 2018.

The Memphis win over Golden State was great, but for tonight it was Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Caps upsetting the Florida Panthers on the road.

It’s nice to see the NHL back on ESPN where it belongs.

I’d still love to hear Gary Thorne and Bill Clement do a few games though.

I believe Gary Thorne is currently teaching sports journalism at Arizona State. His voice in my mind is the best hockey play by play voice of all-time. And yet Gary Thorne loved being the broadcast voice of the Baltimore Orioles. I just wish he was part of this ESPN hockey package in some manner.

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