Damian Lillard Traded to Milwaukee Bucks

I guess Damian Lillard got traded to the Milwaukee Bucks today in a three way deal between Portland, Phoenix, and Milwaukee. I’ll go into this later in greater detail as to how I see the trade. Jrue Holiday for me is really the only other player involved in this trade who I think moves the potential championship needle. The two big guys…in my book are valued very low for their lack of TSNS and just basically their will to win and raise their games at the goal acheiving portion of the season.

Cam Johnson might be the only other living body in this trade I might want on the Warriors.

I love Jrue Holiday. I’m wondering to myself since Jrue was a UCLA kid if there’s any way Mike Dunleavy Jr. could get rid of the high maintenance Chris Paul and make Jrue a Warrior just like me. I think Jrue is around thirty-three and he in no way needs to be wasting the next few years involved in a Portland rebuild.

I might send Mike Dunleavy an email…what could it hurt?

I’m locked and loaded for this GOP farcical debate tonight in California with Trump doing his own thing in front of Proud Boy Nation in Detroit.

The fact Sam Presti gave his pre-season Thunder State of the Union in no way interests me. I’m a Warriors’ guy. I like teams who try to win. Period. I don’t have five additional years of rebuild in my forcast.

My scathing take on these GOP debates oncoming next on the Oklahoma leader of world news and sports….okcthunderground.com.


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