Spurs Trade Kawhi Leonard for DeRozan

It appears the Kawhi Leonard saga is over in San Antonio. Reports have Leonard going to the Raptors with his expiring contract for DeMar DeRozan who has three years remaining on his current deal with a player option in the third year going to the Spurs.

Unlike Little Rush Limbaugh Jr/ Jim Traber…I love Popovich and he’s the NBA coach I’d most want to play for. We both have history degrees. We’re both Anthony Bourdain foodies. He served in the Air Force and both of my father-in-laws were career Air Force. So—in a way thru them…like Pop I’m an Air Force guy who hates Trump.

The Spurs had no choice. They had to get an All-Star caliber player for Leonard. I have no idea if Leonard stays in Toronto, but he will quickly realize he was just traded to the coolest city in the NBA. My guess is he will love it in Toronto.

DeRozan was a USC guy and probably isn’t thrilled to be moving to a Trump hard red state place like San Antonio, but I’m going to guess Pop pushes the right buttons and things turn out decent in San Antonio.

So…with this trade I would probably put the Spurs and the Thunder in a dead heat to battle for either fourth or fifth in the West.

I’m happy for Pop. I was worried about him. He had a rough year.

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