Game 4 Thoughts The Night After

It was a good night for my obscure little underground blog. I picked the Bucks to win exactly by six points and for Khris Middleton to have the game’s biggest imprint. I also said Jrue Holiday would have a secondary imprint in this game and he did even though he had a tough night shooting the ball.

Jrue hounded Chris Paul and on the night CP3 had five turnovers and several times looked like Russell Westbrook out there being detonated by dynamite.

Circle this one in red…in the last three games Chris Paul has a combined 15 turnovers. That’s a storyline as we prepare for Game 5 in Phoenix on Saturday night.

Can Jrue Holiday continue to get under Chris Paul’s skin and create turnovers and points in transition for the Milwaukee Bucks?

The Monty Williams story is a beautiful human story. It’s like Sleepless in Seattle with an NBA head coach having his team in the Finals.

But I like the Bucks. I think they have the better team. Giannis, Khris, Jrue, Patrick, Brook Lopez, and Bobby Portis have grown on me. I like them. Nothing against the Suns…I just like the Bucks a little more. They beat Brooklyn on the road in a Game 7….don’t sleep on that.

This series is reminding us of how lame the NBA Bubble Finals were last year. It’s been tough sledding for both of these teams on the road in this series.

Jrue Holiday knows he needs two more wins to become an NBA champion…and for that to happen he has to disrupt and shut down Chris Paul. That’s Jrue Holiday’s job in what now is a best two out of three series for the NBA World Championship and the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

And from an offensive standpoint both Giannis and Khris have to score the ball while getting enough help from Connaughton, Lopez, and the likeable Bobby Portis from Arkansas.

This Game 5 could be epic. I need to kick back and drink some wine and sing some with Sting before I make my Game 5 prediction.

Tuscany and Deer Creek..there’s not really all that much difference.

Chris Paul, buddy…this is a song for you from the Milwaukee fans in Deer District.

Here comes the rain.

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