Game 5 Tonight In Phoenix

So here we are with Milwaukee in Phoenix tonight in this Sleepless in Seattle NBA Finals.

So many human storyliness which aren’t measured by a bunch of nerdy geeks on a metric scale.

But this isn’t about anyone else right now except Chris Paul and his legacy as one of the best point guards in NBA history.

I like the Bucks more in a Game 7 than I do tonight in Phoenix.

For the sake of Chris Paul’s legacy…. I just cannot fathom he will not pull it together enough with those great fans in Phoenix to get a win in Game 5.

Real NBA Playoff basketball is what we’re experiencing right now. Not bubble basketball. The raw human emotion of the ups and downs …the ebbs and flow of confidence or the lack of confidence.

This is why we play, coach, and blog sports. This is why we compete. This is what drives us to compete as humans.

Chris Paul has had a lot to think about these last two days.

A lot.

I like Phoenix tonight in Game 5.

Hello… Darkness my old friend.

Chris Paul wins that battle tonight.

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