Is Chris Paul A Top 5 All-Time Point Guard?

Not with with me he’s not unless he rings the bell in these NBA Finals.

He made the Finals…finally. BIG F–KING DEAL!

His team beat the Lakers without Anthony Davis and Lebron playing hurt. His team beat the Denver Nuggets without Jamal Murray. His team beat the LA Clippers without Kawhi Leonard. The Bucks are playing without the kid from in essence the Suns in these playoffs haven’t played a totally healthy team in this run of theirs.

Chris Paul is clearly a Top 10 point guard all-time even if the suns lose to the Bucks. But I would not put him above either Gary Payton, Jason Kidd, or even John Stockton if the Suns don’t win the title.

If that fair of me?

Yeah.. I think it is because Chris Paul is a player in a results oriented profession. Mike Gundy is in a results oriented profession and is 1-15 against OU. Same thing. Gundy is basically Gary Patterson with a mullet and without the girth. Think aboutt that and you’ll realize I’m right. Mike Gundy has won one more Big 12 Championship than Travis Ford. As in one.

I know that sounds cold and callous, but this is about winning. I can assure you no one is talking about the Montreal Canadians’ run to the Stanley Cup Finals one week after Tampa rang the bell.

Ring the bell… Chris Paul.

My point guard Top 5 list goes 1 Magic, 2 Oscar 3 Steph, 4 Bob Cousy, and 5 Isiah.

Why would Chris Paul be above any of these five iconic point guards?

I love the State Farm commericials, but to get on my top five list you need to win this series, Chris Paul.

CP3…you’re not the football coach at O State. Going 8-4 every year and playing in the Alamo Bowl doesn’t get Mike Gundy anywhere with me and you not winning a ‘ship is pretty much the same thing.

This is about winning.

Dude…I went to inner city John Marshall. You wanna make my Top Five list…ring my bell.

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