Yesterday’s RRR the Best OU Game Since 2018 National Semifinal vs. Georgia?

I would say yes and both games were in a sense a mirror of one another.

OU jumped out to 31-14 first half lead, but couldn’t come back in the third period and put Georgia away.

Caleb Kelly had the huge strip late in the game which led to a Stephen Parker TD and the Sooners’ brief lead. Yesterday…Caleb Kelly’s takeaway led to the Sooners’ taking a 48-41 lead.

See what I mean?

Maybe one of our local media will ask Lincoln Tuesday at his weekly presser if he thought of that game when his Sooners were down 28-7 at the end of the first period.

But clearly the game changed when Caleb Williams took the field and stayed on the field.

At some point Lincoln had to make Spencer Rattler accountable for bad turnovers. Both the interception and the fumble were terrible. It’s not like on either play a Texas defender did anything special. Just two very bad plays.

The OU quarterback position is like no other in the country. If you want to play QB at OU…you better perform at a certain standard and have some very thick skin.

It will be interesting to see how this is handled by Lincoln at the Tuesday presser as far as naming the starter for TCU on Saturday.

Long story short…the team responded to Caleb Williams and he saved the Sooners’ season as far as having any aspirations of making the college football playoff.

I tried watching ten minutes of the Thunders’ preseason game vs. the Milwaukee Bucks tonight and lasted about ten minutes before wanting to puke.

Keep in mind the defending world champion Bucks are anchored by Giannis who the 15th player taken in his draft. By Jrue Holiday who was the 17th player taken in his draft. By Khris Middleton from Texas A&M who was a second round pick.

I wonder if any of our local scribes could ever muster enough substance to ask Sam Presti how this could be?

Anyway…that plus yesterday’s instant classic are what got me watching the 2018 OU-Georgia game.

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