Kirk Herbstreit’s Top 6 Heading Into Week 7

Just saw this on the internet after another Saturday of college football upsets.

Kirk’s Top 6

1 Georgia

2 Oklahoma

3 Cincy (Kirk abbreviates just like I do)

4 Iowa

5 Ohio State

6 Alabama

The only thing I’d change here on my Top 12 is inverting Iowa with Cincy.

I think I’ll do my entire Top 12 on Tuesday morning. Very big Big 12 game next Saturday in Austin with undefeated O State and Texas playing a pivotal conference game.

Kirk has a book out if you enjoy his insights on ESPN. Hopefully, he’ll give my book… Mullet King: The Boone Pickens-Mike Gundy Saga a shout out when that time comes. Can’t wait to do a book tour.

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