Gabe Brkic’s Self Imposed Kicking Curse

OU’s nationally elite placekicker Gabe Brkic has had the yips the past two week-ends versus Baylor and Iowa State going 0-3 attempting field goals

Turns out he kicked a burrito and put some sort of mojo curse on his own accuracy. Hopefully, that curse expires before kickoff versus the O State Cowboys on Saturday in Bedlam.

I would think for OU to win this Bedlam game by something like a 26-24 score or of the like…Gabe Brkic needs to be able to kick three or four field goals to help OU get to that number.

I thought about writing something about the Thunder’s predictable 113-101 road loss at Atlanta, but I think what I’ll do is put a hold on my Thunder comments till at least the end of the college football conference championship games.

I tried watching this game and couldn’t get past seven minutes or so of action.

Basketball wise…I’m thrilled covering OU, the Big 12, and of course my three adopted NBA teams this season Miami, Golden State, and Memphis.

Quite frankly…Sam Hinkie-Presti and his basketball operation bore me. I don’t know any other way to say it. It’s not the rebuild per se…but the manner in which everyone in his oranization talks down to people as if they’re complete idiots watching NBA basketball for the first time in their lives. It’s hard to listen to the people representing the Thunder organization. I wish they would let Nick Collison do that part of it. He’d be a great ambassador of sorts.

I don’t know how you get rid of the place kicking yips. I’m trying to remember what Tin Cup did to get rid of the yips in the movie. One of my close friends at John Marshall was our place kicker Rod ‘The Mule’ Carter. I don’t recall him ever getting the yips.

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