Mike Gundy: 2019 Bedlam Week on Special Team Play

I’ve put Sam Hinkie-Presti’s team on my two week content hold list so I can address both Bedlam Week and then whoever survives and advances to the Big 12 Championship Game in Arlington the following week-end. I can’t cover all of this by myself on here. I probably should have brought an intern or two over here with me from Daily Thunder and mentored him/her on how to attain some strength in their blogging voices/brand instead of just being weak feckless puppets. I could have saved Thunder Girl and Johnny Thunder from themselves…now look at them. It almost makes me want to cry.

So much like the storylines in Broadcast News with William Hurt, Holly Hunter, and Albert Brooks.

Me, of course being like the William Hurt anchor character who ascended to the anchor of the national nightly news…while Thunder Girl and Johnny Thunder being Holly Hunter and Albert Brooks pretending to be satisfied playing bit roles behind the scenes and off camera on the dying Daily Thunder embarrassment.

Per Mike Gundy today in the Tulsa World…Gundy said, and I pretty much agree, this will be the last Bedlam football game in quite some time. I would think it will probably be the last Bedlam game played in a regular game setting in my lifetime….which I think is kind of sad. O State should be in the SEC West with us, Missouri, and Arkansas. Think about how those regional pod games would grow with interest with each passing year. Maybe even Missouri could get its act back together as a relevant football program.

The Tulsa World knocked it out of the ball park today with their Bedlam coverage and when I see work like that…. I tip my hat and say job well done to the scribes in Tulsa. Tramel and Ryan Aber do an excellent job as well with their Oklahoma football program coverage, but I really enjoyed Bill Haisten’s look at Mike Gundy’s thirty years of Bedlam as a player, a position coach, and an offensive coordinator.

Per my Mullet King: The Boone Pickens-Mike Gundy Saga archives…Gundy played four seasons for O State as their quarterback going 0-4, as a position coach two seasons going 1-1, and as Les Miles’ offensive coordinator for four seasons going 2-2.

Then came Boone’s hydrocarbon manna from heaven with the edict attached Mike Holder would be Boone’s fiduciary of the Boone Bucks war chest while Mike Gundy would become the prodical son assuming the reins from Les Miles when he decided to take the job in Baton Rouge.

Eddie Sutton and then AD Harry Birdwell would somewhat relinquish some of their power while the Roman trifecta of Boone, Holder, and Gundy ascended to the heights of power in Stillwater. Eventually then Prez David Smidley would be replaced by Burns Hargis… and that’s how we got where we are today…. with Kayse Schrum replacing Hargis and Chad Wieberg replacing Holder.

As a head coach during the Boone Empire from 2005 thru today… Mike Gundy is 2-14 versus the Sooners and 0-4 versus Lincoln Riley. In 2011 the Cowboys destroyed OU in the 44-10 romp in Stillwater in the Landry Jones points off of turnovers game. By far the most impressive O State performance I’ve witnessed in my lifetime and the poorest OU quarterback performance by a Sooner quarterback as well.

Gundy’s other Bedlam win came in 2014 when Bob Stoops lost his mind and repunted to the most explosive football human in the history of the game in Tyreke Hill. To this day no one really knows what happened, but O State went on to win that game in Norman by a 38-35 count in overtime.

So…here’s Mike Gundy in 2019 with his mullet in championship form discussing with the local scribes the importance of gaining yardage via the special teams play in a normal football game. I included this today because I think special teams will play a huge role in the game on Saturday.

Two absolute great movies by James Brooks…Terms of Endearment and Broadcast News. That scene from Broadcast News above was pretty much how it came into being that Daily Thunder became the most widely read Thunder blog before it became the total piece of dogshit sellout it is today.

This is another great scene from the movie. I don’t think calling this scene as iconic is an overreach.

Who would have ever thought I would become Holly Hunter and they would become William Hurt. Go figure.

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