Memphis Grizzlies Come Back to Win Game 5, 111-109

I don’t think Memphis could beat Golden State just yet, but if the Grizzlies advance past Minnesota, it will be an interesting series to watch. Memphis would have home court in the series.

Steven Adams continues to stay on the bench and that’s pretty much where I think he would stay in the semis versus the Warriors. His inability to shoot a basketball and space the floor is just not a fir for playoff basketball given the nature of both Golden State and Phoenix.

Ja Morant basically willed Memphis back from thirteen points down in Game 5 and hit the game winner to boot.

There’s been at least one great basketball game every night in these first- round games.

Boston’s sweep of Brooklyn is a bit of surprise, but should it be given Kyrie only played a handful games in the regular season. And then of course, Ben Simmons didn’t play a single game this season even after the trade.

New Orleans is a bit of a surprise in how well they’ve played this post season. Put another team in front of the Oklahoma City Thunder next season in the pre-season seeding.

The problem with what Sam Presti is doing in OKC is that his team is not getting better and learning how to win tough, meaningful games, while every other team in the West minus the Kings should be better next season.

I don’t want to dwell on the Thunder though because the NBA Playoffs have been extraordinary so far this post season.

Golden State and the Milwaukee Bucks both with a chance to close out their first round series later tonight.

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