Lu Dort Signs Five Year Deal With Thunder

I observed Sam Presti’s draft class and I’m going to reserve serious comment till I see Chet play some summer league games. I watched Chet played ten games this past season for Gonzaga and quite frankly I was not blown away. I’ll be dead before this Presti project ever comes to fruition either way it goes for Chet. So I hope you can understand my point of view on Chet and his frail frame.

I would have taken Jabari, but since we all knew this was probably what Presti was going to do…there’s no point at all in gnashing teeth over it. Besides…I’m a Dub Nation, Oklahoma guy now. I’ve got the championship T-shirt and ball cap and everything. Presti left me no choice. Taking Chet was just so Presti you just have to smile to yourself and be glad it wasn’t Greg Oden.

However…I love the fact Presti took Jaylin Williams with the 34th pick , and in fact, when Jaylen kicked Chet’s ass all over the the floor in the Hogs’ easy win over Chet and Andrew Timme in March Madness…on this very blog I begged Sam Preti to draft Jaylen. I would guess Jaylen is the reason Presti just waived Isiah Roby and Darius Basely just became expendable as well.

Jaylen is a Swiss Army knife who can do everything given the the way the game is played nowadays. Great motor as well. A very tough kid. If the Thunder fans don’t fall in love with this Jaylin…I don’t know what to think about them at this point….other than they’re an extremely dumb fanbase.

Now…Lu Dort. Lu Dort had El Prez (me) at hello. In this current NBA game of sissyified, overpaid, pampered entitled players who litter the NBA landscape…Lu Dort had me at hello as an undrafted player from Arizona State.

If ever a kid deserved the five year deal Sam Presti gave Lu this week …it’s Lu Dort. So…Sam Presti, you got two things right this week. Good for you.

I’m glad to be back on the blog. I was down for five weeks and told by my doctor to stay still and get my back healthy.

You never appreciate your health until you don’t have it for awhile.

Glad to be back. Hope you have a safe Fourth.

One thought on “Lu Dort Signs Five Year Deal With Thunder”

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