MJ Summer Send-Off Video

This will be very brief for me today as I need to go get after it at the OKC Healthy Living Center this glorious almost fall morning in Deer Creek, Oklahoma.

Just unbelievable this morning as our six wild turkeys are all back after mating season and we had three deer just off the back porch with me almost within whispering distance. It was as if they understand the total goodness in me even though I was banned from the estrogen heavy Daily Thunder messageboard.

I gotta run. Enough of that bullshit…that’s in my rear view mirror as in gone…. given I’m now a highly respected contributor to the SEC Super Conference blog/messageboard.

Gotta go and get locked and loaded before the OU-Tulsa kickoff.

Don’t laugh.

Deion-Nikki Haley 2024….Why Not?

Life is good.



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