Kristin Welker: Meet the Press New Moderator

What a glorious Sunday morning after Week 3 of our college football season. I feel literally like a little kid on Christmas morning with each passing week because of Dr. Showalter telling me none of this was probably going to happen for me until I became a little cancer miracle of sorts.

If you think I’m bullshitting here on the blog, I’m not. I take every day as a unique blessing from God. Some very profound life lessons are firmly in place as I move forward with this mulligan life of mine.

That’s how I look at it…God has given me the ultimate mulligan. Can’t hit the three wood off the tee box from this point…have to waggle and go with the big boy driver moving forward.

Yesterday…I did my toughest terrian bike run yet for forty minues all at the highest level and most of it in the climbing mode. Then I did twenty minutes of light weight work and then headed over to my favorite Hideaway Pizza place near the Integris Cancer Center and watched both the OU-Tulsa and Georgia-South Carolina games.

I stayed a bit longer after those games and watched Alabama struggle mightily at home against a South Florida team in a game which wasn’t decided until the last minute of play.

OU and Texas will both be fine in the SEC once the national playoff goes to twelve teams. What I’m seeing in the SEC is somewhat diluted teams in Alabama, Georgia, and LSU as a result of the portal and the fact OU, Texas, and even Texas A&M are reducing the talent pool for the traditional southern teams by poaching elite talent.

Conversely, a program like Oklahoma State without the largesse of Boone Pickens, will basically fade into football oblivion unless someone saves them. From what I’ve observed in the first three weeks of this season to date is O State and Iowa State are the two worst teams in the conference and in no way will be that much better next year even without OU and Texas in the Big 12.

I’ll even go as far to write this as an OU fan who wasted thirty minutes of his life last night watching O State get mauled at home by South Alabama is this, if I were say Colin Oliver…I’d pretty much at this point be getting in touch with Coach Venables and seeing if something could be worked out in the portal at the conclusion of this football season. OU needs more edge pass rushing and Colin I think would be a perfect fit…. just like Trace Ford and Kelly Maxwell.

You know…and I write this knowing OU hasn’t proven a single thing this football season so far…it’s a little funny with all the Trump support you observe at rural colleges like O State and Iowa State…that places like these can’t come to terms with the economically raw Darwinian aspects of the NIL and portal aspects of what college football has become.

I mean this in all seriousness…either put your money where your mouth is and walk the walk or shut up as make believe Darwinian-Trump free market phonies. Four words of advice….*adapt and get better*–in a hurry.

That’s it for me now now. I think I’ll settle in and watch an NFL game and then head to Mitch Park and see if I can do my first three mile hike this evening.

Congrats to Kristin Welker on a very solid first show of Meet the Press. She’s going to be a fine moderator.

Day by day. Don’t ever waste a day.


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