Smerconish Sunday: Chuck Todd Steps Down at Meet the Press

Amidst all the college and NFL football, plus the U.S. Open tennis finals I’ve been watching this week-end as I celebrate Mike’s first cancer survivor week-end…..Chuck Todd of my favorite Sunday morning news show called it quits at Meet the Press after nine years at the helm.

I liked Chuck on the show and he was certainly an upgrade from the very weak David Gregory, but he was not Timmy Russert in any regard. But then again who could be?

Meet the Press is America’s longest running news show and Chuck was the eleventh moderator. Kristen Welker will become MTP’s new mod. She’s okay. I think I’d be better though. She’s a little dry for me. I mean, yeah, she’s been NBC’s White House correspondent during these tumultous years of the the grifter Trump, but has she ever really laid it all out there like I have here at the longest running OKC Thunder Underground network like I’ve done out here at the modest studio in Deer Creek, Oklahoma?

I think not.

I mean…MTP would be just wheel house for me. The history, the politics, the law, the interviews with the Fed Chairman and cabinet members, the occassional artsy shit they do every now and again at NBC….and of course the sports. Just like Timmy Russert did with the Buffalo Bills ….I’d sign off every Sunday urging my Green Bay Packers onto another ring.

I was made for that job.

But I guess…knowing that in these times of lit wokeness and political correctness Kristen Welker a woman of color would seeem the logical choice.

So alas….I trudge forward here at in my own modest way bringing my random readers the very best in world wide content.

Good luck, Kristen.


2 thoughts on “Smerconish Sunday: Chuck Todd Steps Down at Meet the Press”

  1. I am so happy about your recent test results and your overall health. You are likely in better shape than I am at this point.

    Regarding MTP, I actually was not a big fan of Tim R and rarely watched during his tenure, too in your face male.
    I have been a solid watcher since Chuck T. I also watch other shows, so he is not my source of truth although I cannot watch Fox. I leave that spying mission to my mom.

    You have a great take on the political scene and you could evolve the blog in that direction – but really sports are enough. You do at great job.

    My beloved Hawks were very sorry today against the Rams, nothing went well and the kicker hit the post again- PTSD from last season. Fortunately for him it made no difference in the end.


    1. My opinion of Tim Russert was paertially influnenced by the touching book he wrote about his father. Much of his hubris was washed away after his father passed from cancer. So I think there were two Tim Russerts…one pre book and one post book. We all seemed to be humbled in our lives by things which we can’t control. Shit happens. Thanks foe the note. Seattle and Denver both seem to be struggling with their NFL teams.

      Love, Mike

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